There are so many beautiful places around the world and some of the best places you can find the best ambience are in the comforts of your home, your country’s local parks, hotels or some tourist attractions.

I have not been to so many countries but some of my favorite places for relaxation is my own room, I love the ambience, the comfort and the convenience.

When my sister brought me to Elsalvador (a beach resort in Danao City, Cebu, Philippines) early last year, I instantly love the place, the people and the ambience. My brother also brought me and the rest of my family back there during his birthday. Though the place does not have a very nice beach but I certainly will go back when I need time to unwind.



I love traveling and before I embarked on an Indochina trip from Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand, I researched for hotel accommodations which I believe has a good ambience. True to what I expected, Bou Savy Guesthouse, Ta Som Guesthouse and At Smile House delivered my expectation.



How about you?

About aRVee's Blog

The author is a coffee lover, a beach bum, a music lover and a traveler by heart. He has travelled to several places in the Philippines and has travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. He hopes to travel the rest of Southeast Asia and the world.

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